Launch your own
printing office online.

Earn money by using Web-to-Print
this is the main trend in modern printing industry.
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More than 250 printing companies have already launched an online print shop and have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars using the TCS web-to-print platform.

After installing and setting the service you will be able to:

your sales
Significant growth in sales without any enlargement of the staff or expenses. Great expansion of the business scope leads to the growth of the client base at the expense of other regions, cities and countries.

Now your possibilities are not limited anymore! Serve customers 24/7, with no involvement of your staff, even when your office is closed.
Decrease prime cost
of products
Save money by automating the processes, commonly carried out by managers and designers.

The client online can create a layout on his own or he can also choose a predefined template, layouts that are downloaded will be automatically checked (preflight), layout negotiation is being implemented on the site without any tedious chats. The finished layout (or imposition) will be automatically sent to the production.
Save time
Free up some time for the development of the company and business strategy.

TIPPO Cloud Service will solve all the problems of the prepress work, manufacturing processes will be speeded up considerably.
Compete successfully using
innovative IT-technologies
Web-to-Print technologies will take your business to a new level of progress. The TIPPO Cloud Service online platform gives your customers an ability to place orders with just 2 clicks from anywhere in the world.

Now you can engage new customers and serve them around the world.
Offer your clients modern
and stylish product design
We believe that design works wonders, thus we can find a confirmation in the products for which design has become a decisive factor of success: Apple, Mercedes, Starbucks and others.

Also qualitative design can form the image of the client himself. A client will always be able to find a suitable design on your site, he’ll be able to adapt it for himself in the online-constructor, fill in the information and will be able to use it in his order for free. A key factor in the prosperity of your business is your client’s happiness.
stable growth
We update our service once a month, we improve it, add new features and solutions.

This allows you to improve your business constantly and also be informed about all the modern trends.
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TCS provides you with a wide range of printing press on your website.

Business cards, flyers, booklets, letterheads, calendars, stickers, magnets, posters, dorhengers, folders, bags, wet wipes, scotch tape, envelopes, plastic cards, sign boards and much more.
Die cut, rectangular and round labels, winding direction, number of label designs, print adjustment, gaps between streams, gaps in rapport and more.
Multipage products
Brochures, notebooks, books, magazines, restaurant menus, catalogs, diaries and much more.
Large-format products
Posters, paintings, rolls, banners, nameplates, pillars, promotional stands and much more.

From now on the users of your site will be able to:

Create layout on their own
With the help of the convenient online-platform your client will be able to easily create layout from scratch.
Use a predefined design
A huge base of predefined original designs that is being supplemented daily.
Upload your layout
If your client has a finished layout, he can easily send it to print by himself.
Choose printing settings
Kinds of lamination, right or rounded corners, paper density.
Choose quantity of copies
The price of the order can be easily calculated thanks to the convenient calculator.
Register a delivery
Here a client chooses a way of delivery, and the cost and the estimated time of delivery are being calculated.
Pay for the order
Payment can be made by using both bank transfer and payment services.

TCS — activate modern online printing office with just 2 clicks!

You get a predefined business solution for the launch of the online printing office
that includes:
preflight & correction
Online platform
to create a design layout
Collective circulation
CRM & Order
Management System
Online order calculation
by customer
Flexible configuration
and website promotion tools
Base of original
(more than 700 predefined templates)
Delivery services (DPD, DHL etc)
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We have recommended ourselves both in Russia and in Europe

Web-to-Print Store Examples
My Photo Pages
My Photo Pages
Digital Printing House.
Russia, Moscow.
Digital, Offset Printing House.
Specialization on Ganging Print.
Russia, Kazan.
Lada Print
Lada Print
Digital, Offset Printing House.
Ganging Print.
Russia, Togliatti.
Brothers Pilots
Brothers Pilots
Digital Printing House.
Souvenirs, Seals and Stamps.
Russia, Irkutsk.
Offset Printing House.
Ganging Print.
Russia, Nizhny Novgorod

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. We don’t have our own website/ our website has been developed long time ago and we don’t like it anymore.
As soon as you install our web-to-print service we can set up for you a complete online store of printed products with the ability of registering an order, with online payment and delivery service already activated, with personal user accounts for the clients willing to make orders again. The site is optimized for SEO-promotion and context.
2. We do have a website, how does your service integrate into our existing website?
Your site remains the same, except for the fact that the visitor can get an opportunity to use all service benefits without leaving your site, namely, to create a template online or to edit any predefined template at his (visitor’s) choice; to upload his template as PDF; to calculate the price and timing by selecting necessary printing details; to register an order; to choose shipping methods and pay for the order.
3. What should a printing office do for a full-fledged start after installing the service?
You will have to write a moderate description about every product and about the printing office itself, fill the site with products photos, set product prices and production time, select printing features. We take care of everything else (design of the site, filling out the details and contacts of the printing office, a map of "how to get there," delivery and payment systems adjustments).
4. How often do you update your service? And how often do you upload new designs of printed products?
We update the service 1 or 2 times a month, it varies from minor improvements to important and relevant modules. The range of products is being expanded, new features and capabilities are being added, the program code and adaptability to mobile devices are being improved.

40-60 new templates of printed products designs are supplemented every month.
5. Do you have an inside CRM system? Where does the customer’s order go?
There is a system that manages site content and orders in our web-to-print service. All the orders go to your CMS, where you can download a vector PDF maquette or a finished PDF imposition for printing in CMYK with bleed for trimming, find out about a payment status, look at the information about a client or delivery and change a status of the order.

Also you can manage the content of the site there, you can change photos, add some text to the site, change the design of the site, switch on/off any product options, make advertising campaigns and sales to all visitors of the site, make individual discounts for regular customers and much more.
6. Is it possible to make orders go directly to our CRM-system?
Yes, it is, and we have already done it by using API.
7. How does the order calculation work?
Before activating the service a printing office specialist sets prices in the service CMS, he sets various printing details, picks out available print runs for each product taking into consideration discounts for a print run. And a client, while ordering products and choosing printing settings, gets an exact cost of the order right on your website.
8. How to get orders using your site, to which TIPPO Cloud Service is connected?
In order to get orders, you have to promote your site on the Internet. In these cases your site promotion in SERP (SEO) is used so that over time you could show up in search engines higher and higher than other sites. Also you can buy advertising from Google Adwords (PPC advertising, you pay for a click on your ad and for the entry on the site), the place where your ad displays depends on your preferences and the size of your wallet.

Also you can advance by using social media, messengers and video portals such as,,,, Telegram channels and many others.

We have many years of experience of cooperating with various Internet advertising agencies, we can recommend you a number of respectable and result-oriented companies.
9. We have designers headquarters and our own design elaborations for ordering, why do I need your service and designs?
You can keep offering your target audience individual design elaborations. TIPPO Cloud Service allows you to engage new clients that want to save their time on the process of designing, that want to order on the basis of "here and now", to pay online or with automatically generated account and remember the printing office only when the order arrives.
10. How can a client create his own layout independently?
In the layout online-designer on the site a client will be able to create a layout from scratch, to place the text, to add an image, to upload a logo, to choose the desired information location, font, color and size.

Also a client will be able to choose a predefined printed products design, to use the design in an online-constructor, to fill with his own information and upload his own photos and logo.

And if a client has a layout in PDF format, it can be uploaded to an online editor, checked for any errors (file size, format, layout size, aspect ratio, color palette), automatically coordinated on the basis of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) with the confirmation of your consent, and sent to print.